About Us

Our Vision

Alpha Management Group policies reflect that we are committed to providing quality services with individuals with identified disabilities. We choose to see the whole person, as opposed to defining a person by their challenges or identified disabilities. We’re committed to furthering the cultural competency of our staff and expanding their understanding of individuals with disabilities who may have difficulty accessing services. As defined in our policies, cultural competency refers to the capacity of professionals to understand how their own experiences, identities, values, and beliefs are different from others and could potentially impact the desired therapeutic outcome of the consumers. Specifically, individuals may have different views or values based on their own experiences with culture, race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability, and socio-economic status. In addition to understanding the stigma of receiving mental health services with certain populations, employees are challenged to understand how their own experiences, history, and identities may impact the desired therapeutic outcomes of the consumers. Inherent in development of cultural competency are the awareness and appreciation of differences, as well as an understanding of how discrimination and injustice still exists in our community.

Our Leadership Team

We would like to introduce you to our Agency Leaders. With 30+ years of experience in Behavioral Health, Foster Care and Developmental Disabilities, we feel confident in our ability to appropriately serve consumers, families, and partner with community collaboratives.

Olanté Watson

President/Alpha Management Services, Inc.


Monica Long

Executive Director/Alpha Management Community Services, Inc.

Tony Hanes

Director of Operations/AMS & AMCS


Tapona Champion

Foster Care Director / AMCS

Jessica Riedel

Licensing Supervisor / AMCS

Denise Rich

Foster Care Supervisor / AMCS

Our Staff 

Thank you to the hard work and dedication of its staff that have ensured Alpha Management’s vision continued through this unprecedented time.